Training on land rights helps unite a family

United by blood – seperated by land! A tale of two brothers saved from killing each other due to the long standing land conflict.

Moses Okello, a human rights volunteer and other stakeholders, managed to successfully mediate a case of land conflict between Ogwang George 56 years old, complainant and his brother Omara Peter 65 years old, respondent, both of Agulukura village, Ayamo Parish, Barr sub-county.According to Moses, this conflict had been there for more than 2 years and these brothers were nearly killing each other. The problem between the two brother’s traces back to the time when people were displaced to the IDP camps where before the displacement; the piece of land in question belonged to the complainant, Ogwang George. But on return from the camp after some good years, Omara Peter and his son decided to dig part of the land to plant rice with a view to get money for dowry for the son; an explanation which Ogwang as a brother understood, but told them to quit his land after the harvest of the rice which was not hid to but continued to use the land. The case has long been reported to the LCs 1, 2 and 3 with no much success obtained.

It was of recent when Moses the volunteer got training on land rights and mediation skills by CCI that he managed to talk to the chairperson LC I of the village to bring these brothers and all their family members together to discuss over the disputed piece of land. George Ogwang agreed to leave the land to the elder brother after talking to him at length about the conflict which could bring death in the home and would bring embarrassment to their family.

The LC I of the village then confirmed with Ogwang George if he was ready to surrender the piece of land to his elder brother which was affirmative; and so he went ahead to mobilize the clan elders and the family members of the warring brothers. This was when Moses sensitized them on the need for peaceful resolution, peace and love in the community and above all among brothers and members of the same families. On the mediation day, both parties realized their omission and accepted to resolve the matter amicably. George Ogwang being a younger brother surrendered the piece of land of conflict to his brother Omara Peter whole heartedly in the presence of all the family members and witnesses amidst cheers and ululation from the women as Omara and Ogwang apologized to each other in reconciliation.

The mediation was successful because George was convinced to utilize the other big chunk of land that was remaining which enabled them to get equal shares.Ogwang Gorge noted that the piece of land had given the son of his brother, who was also his son the opportunity to get a dowry and was now preparing to get married, something which he reflected on when Moses talked to him, and prompted him to talk to his wife and his children to significantly recognize as pertinent and surrender the land for Peter and the family to use for the development and continuity of the linage of their family.

On Sunday 6th November, 2015 Moses Okello, the volunteer invited the project officer CCI to meet these families and tell the parties more to build a lasting peace in the family and consolidate their relationship. When the project officer went to the family, he advised them to consolidate on the reconciliation. They were very grateful and pledged to always hold social events together to revitalize relationships, and unite the children and also to be church goers so that God would guide them in their day to day life.

Mrs Okullo, one of the family in-laws, kneeling had this to say to the project officer

“Today is the greatest day in my life, for it’s a day that God has poured unto us the grace of solace, love, reconciliation, and peace for this family. I never thought what I have seen today happen between George and Peter could be possible. Life in this family had created fear in all of us for the precedence this conflict had set would destroy the entire family lineage. I pray that you live longer and your program continues to build the kingdom of God,”