Supported to avert child marriage

I am Brenda (not real names) aged 18. My father forced me to marry an old man of 45 years but I told the man that I can never get married to him. One day he found me at home alone and he raped me. Immediately I reported to police, NAYODE helped me and paid medical checkup bills and the results were that I am pregnant and HIV positive.

The police arrested the man, unfortunately few months in prison he died due to the fact that he did not get access to his ARVS in prison. I thank NAYODE for the care and support that it is offering me more especially having made me enroll for ARVS as well as EMTCT. I am happy that I gave birth to a healthy baby in June.

I am also happy that they have been working to rehabilitate me to help me get back with my normal life. I am not stressed anymore and I am working hard to look after my child. I have now joined the post0-test club which is supported by NAYODE HIV project supported by UHMG where I receive my ARVs on time.