Promoting human rights

Am Joan (not real name) aged 17yrs; I thank NAYODE with funds from IDF for supporting and educating adolescent girls about their rights. I was denied a right to study yet I had finished P7, my parents wanted me to marry so that my dowry could cater for my elder brother’s fees who had joined A level. I also wanted to study not to marry at an early age, so I reported the case to the LCI chair person who tried to call my parent for an advice.

All did not work until I reported to the CDOs office who referred my case to police and they were summoned and cautioned not to neglect girl child education. Within a month I was told to prepare to go back to school, I am happy that I joined senior I in second term this year. My parents are paying fees in time. I am happy that when i go to NAYODE, they counsel me and tell me about keepinng safe to avoid pregnacy that would stop me from going to school. When i grow up, i want to become a teacher. I am now in S1 and i know i will acheive my dream. Parents should stop neglecting their children.