Moyo District NGO Forum (MONDINGOF) was supported by IDF to work with school administrators, structures and clubs to promote girl child education, retention and completion. Cheka is one of their success stories.

Cheka is missing: 

After dropping out of school for 3 months, the Sub County education monitoring team established by IDF’s partner, went looking for Cheka at her home. Cheka was one of the 5 girls who had gone missing right before their final- national primary 7 exams. Three had got married, Cheka and the other girl had found jobs. Cheka’s mother told her that there was not enough money to take care of her education, Cheka’s father had abandoned the family a long time ago. Cheka figured out a job would be the answer to her freedom from the financial problems at home.

 The Helpers:

 Lucky for Cheka and the others, the school management committee, the head teachers and Sub county leaders trained by IDF’s partner are now committed to keeping girls in school. They mean business, they even got the school to waive fees and other requirements that the family could not afford. These helpers pursued each of the girls. Cheka was convinced to return to school where she sat her Primary 7 national exams and passed highly.

Cheka is a high schooler: 

When Reverend Father Ojjama Robert a member of the monitoring team heard the news, he was excited. The Reverend used his networks to get Cheka enrolled in St. Claire Girl’s secondary, a prestigious girl’s school in Yumbe district. Another member of the sub county education monitoring team worked with the family to find resources for Cheka’s school needs, and an uncle agreed to pay her tuition. Cheka was fortunate, her uncle agreed to support her. While the economics at home haven’t changed, Cheka is unstoppable, she is confident in her ability to succeed. She would like to be the Member of Parliament in charge of educating the girl child in her district.