Advocate for girl child education

I am Justine (not real name) aged 19 now. I was raped and impregnated at the age of 18 when I was in senior 3. This happened with the man who had tempted to have sex with me several times on my way back home from school but I refused him. He started convincing me but when I noticed his intentions, I began to move with other students. One day I walked very early in the morning hoping to find the school still cool without noise and have to revise my books in preparation for the end of term, unfortunately I found the same man who immediately forced me into sex. I did not lose truck but hard to rash to school and reported the issue to my teachers who helped me to also report the case to police

NAYODE and My parents made follow ups and arrested the man who was taken to the police post where he was put to courts of law. My baby is 1 year old and I am happy to join third term this year senior 3 class where I stopped, with an aim to join senior four next year. I am now happy because I know I will fulfill my dreams of becoming a nurse. This has been done possible with assistance from NAYODE and the police who have encouraged my parents to take me back to school. My advice to my fellow adolescents is to be very careful with old men who come convincing you when they want to take advantage of you. These people should be reported to your parents or teachers before they cause any harm to you.