Parliament Committee on Human Rights Applauds IDF Support to Civil Society

Speaking at the IDF Annual National Results Sharing Symposium at Hotel Africana on the 9th November 2016, the Hon Member of Parliament commended IDF for its work and called upon the implementing CSOs to demand for policy implementation and work with the Human Rights Arm of Parliament.

“I believe that the National Results Sharing Symposium is one of the ways to improve and steer the development of Ugandans since it provides a platform for knowledge exchange while creating linkages among implementing partners”. Said the Nation Woman MP for PWD, Hon Nalule Safia Juuko.

 “The Results Sharing Symposium is aimed to create a platform where IDF donors and key sector players interact and appreciate the work of its grantees in shaping the body of Human Rights and Good Governance programming.” Says Ruth Birungi, IDF Programme Results Manager.

The event that was graced with development partners, government bodies, International Agencies, foundations among other stakeholders provided an opportunity to foster inter and intra learning while providing space for dialogue, debate and consensus building on topical issues among the IDF partners and stakeholders on the working models and approaches for Human Rights and Good Governance emerging from IDF projects.

The Annual space creates a platform that brings together civil society organisations (CSO) and stakeholders in the field of Human Rights and Good Governance to share lessons from IDF supported interventions to better enhance programming for Human Rights and Good Governance in Uganda.  IDF implementing partners are given chance to share/broadcast their best practices and models which are subjected to an independent review board for vetting and selection. The identified top best practices and models are further improved, documented and published as a way of fostering knowledge sharing, replication and scaling up. This further influences the way partners not only write their change stories but also steer creativity and innovation in planning, programming and implementation of grass root interventions