Expanding Grass-root Coverage

Causing change and improving people’s lives at grass root level is key to IDF and as a result 30 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have been taken through an induction training to support and fast track implementation of activities in the areas of human rights and good governance.

After a highly competitive series of events ranging from shortlisting applications received for funding, proposal vetting, organisational capacity assessments and final selection of grantees, the rigorous exercise resulted to 30 CSOs from 29 districts across Uganda emerging winners of the 3 billion fund.

That was not all for the CSOs as they had to brace themselves for another stage. IDF being a leading grant manager of choice by funding partners aims at ensuring that its grantees are well grounded and have a clear understanding on operational procedures to enhance implementation of activities at community level. As a result, they were orientated on IDF policies and regulation. The 2 day activity which took place at Ridah Hotel in Seeta had senior Human Rights and Governance activists taking the grantees through a step by step process to aid achievement of results.

According to Sayson Rossette Meya, a human rights activist, good governance requires good leadership. In her presentation, she eluded that Governance defines who makes decisions, the process and mechanisms used to guide decision making and the process by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented).  The participants were introduced to the Good and bad governance practices in CSOs.

 “IDF believes that the induction will have a positive impact of enhancing grantees’ confidence to start off full scale implementation” Says Sarah Kintu, the Program Support Manager, IDF

The key note address by Prof.J.B.Kwesiga was mind boggling, loaded with humour and laughter, participants could not help but enjoy the session that was filled with words of wisdom and encouragement to take on the mantle towards the realisation of human rights and good governance practices in their respective communities. He congratulated them upon being successful for the CFP7 grant and advised them to implement their projects in line with IDF rules and guidelines if they are to successfully implement their projects. While taking them through attributes of a good board member and some of the local government working modalities including areas CSOs can explore to facilitate implementation, he further advised the grantees to work hand in hand with the government in order to achieve successful implementation and to always consult the local community members as well to be sure of the issues that need to be addressed.