Apply for a Grant at IDF


The IDF is a grant making organisation that was set up to support Ugandan Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working on human rights, good governance and poverty alleviation efforts. Since 2008, the IDF has provided financial and technical support to more than 144 CSOs in 98 districts across Uganda contributing to the achievement of Human Rights, Good Governance, and rule of law, local democracy and better quality of life

Who can apply?

To be eligible for funding under IDF grant, the organisation must meet the following minimum criteria;

  • Ugandan small and medium organisation whose annual budget turnover is below 1 (one) billion Uganda shillings.
  • Registered at National level by the NGO board.
  • Been in operation for a minimum of 2 years, with sound good financial and human resource systems.
  • Demonstrate innovative approaches potential to effectively transfer knowledge to a wider constituency at the local level.
  • Has a functional board.

IDF encourages CBOs to participate by working in consortium with established NGOs for greater coordination and for their capacity building.

Grants Making process

Available funding support

The size of grants varies from project to project. The level of funding is up to a maximum of $100,000 for individual Organizations and a maximum range of $180,000 to $270,000 for consortiums

Duration of IDF grants

IDF provides grants for a period not exceeding 2 or 3 years

How do we issue out grants

  • General open call window:
  • IDF issues call for proposals on an annual basis through the appropriate media .The basis of this approach is guide applicants of the type of work we wish to support and the amount of funding support available.
  • Innovation and opportunity window:
  • IDF provides a window of opportunity for “hot issues of the day” that may emerge outside the normal call for proposals that require IDF attention in pursuit of its overall objectives. This is an open window fund carried out on a rolling basis
  • Best performing grantees:
  • IDF is considering retaining the best performing organizations aimed at concertizing results to realize desired impact as well as consolidating learning from such projects

Areas of focus

Listed below are some of the areas that IDF funds;

  • Support towards issue- based community rights and governance awareness.
  • Support towards a better appreciation by the local level duty bearers of the rights based approach to service delivery.
  • Support to community mobilization and public activism to enhance local innovation to address violations;
  • Support to eliminate barriers to access redress mechanisms, improve linkages between communities and duty bearers and monitor duty bearer performance at the local levels;
  • Support to enhance rights debate and improve the engagement of rights holders with duty bearers on selected “hot” rights, governance and development issues of the day.